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December 10, 2004



congratulations angela, that is absolutly amazing.
I hope mine picks up like that.
anyway, amazing job, you rock.


2 hours later it is now @ 6678. talk about exponential! also, it is being posted on myspace as well as lj and is branching off into diaryland and msn groups.

robert ransick

this is amazing! you have really struck a cord with this community...it's been fun poking around all the people's sites that took the quiz (and a bit scary). also, the counter on your site now reads almost 25,000 quizzes taken--is this accurate??

one thing you want to do is check on your bandwidth limits from your site host--would hate to see you get a big bill as a result of this...

congrats! keep the updates coming.

robert ransick

i have been watching the counter on your site and it is jumping more than hundred quizzes a minute...unreal. (it's 10:30am on sat. morning). at this rate you going to be over a 100,000 at some point very soon--check the bandwidth limits NOW.

Wren Leader

Holy shit Angela! This is fantastic!


shit!! how do i do that!!!

robert ransick

go to your hosting site and see what the limits are for the package you purchased...or email/call them. if it is going haywire, put a block on your site (or take it down) and we'll see if we can mirror it on ben. student server or something. this will be an issue also if all those images are being served from your site, so everytime someone loads a page with a quiz on it that someone took, it is downloading images from your server.


i just sent my dad an email - he is the one my account is under, and i called the place as well as looking for info about the bandwidth -- and no luck, the guy i talked to on the phone knew nothing about it, and this makes me very nervous.

in a panic i removed the images from my site, now everyone who took the quiz can't load them (which sucks and will probably kill my project), and i put a big sign on my homepage saying no quizzes for you bandwidth exceeded or some such. i don't know if this is enough. ill keep you all posted.

robert ransick

hmmm, where does your dad host his account? it might not be any big deal if it is under on an edu or corporate server. remember, i have put the bandwidth warning out many times this term. perhaps you should leave the images on the server for now, just not do any more quizzes.


he's at media3.net, and has a business hosting for his business, but added me under a starter plan with 2GB of transfer per month, i just checked and i am over 4GB already. if any notification of charges happens, it will be to his email (there's probably a surpise waiting in his inbox right now). i log in under his account name to view the stats etc, and i've checked the charges page, and nothing has shown up yet - although they may wait until monday to do this.

im going to keep the images down just in case, until he gets home from work and we can assess the possible damage.

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