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December 10, 2004


robert ransick

WOW, this is so cool...i love reading the comments. keep us posted.


look at all this feedback - definitely learning how people see these quizzes....

1. [subject line: Ooh! Ooh! A bandwagon! &ltjumps>]

"Hmm, well since everyone else seems to be doing this, I thought I'd give it a roll...I confess to being suspicious of how few questions the quiz needed to sort its weightings out, and am less that convinced by the results. However, since you good people see me 'from the outside', as it were, feel free to comment and let my know what you think.

(Oh yes, and does anyone know anyone who did this quiz and didn't get the 'Solid ground' response?)" comments on that entry..."
[comments on that person's entry]
*No. The replies in that part were heavily geared towards, errr, younger participants.
We're all too old to reply stuff like "I live with my parents"!"
Makes sense.

*Do you think those results actually look like me then? (Barring, the bad-taste shirt, of course.)
I thought that jumper and shirt were very you actually ;)

2. and other languages even!!
Mal ein halbwegs originelles Quiz
Die beiden unteren Teile stimmen allerdings meiner Meinung nach ├╝berhaupt nicht.


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